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All About That Carbohydrate Intake !

You will notice a lot of attention when it comes to carbohydrates. Endless amounts of information talking about how low-carb diets are better for you than a well-balanced plate.

The fact is we need carbohydrates, our bodies go to energy source, that need to be constantly replenished. If we do not replenish this storage consistently, our blood sugar spikes, and we crash halfway through the day. Then we are dragging our feet for the rest of the day still feeling the energy tank hit “E” even when we make it home. Carbohydrates are made up compounds containing hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. They are classified as “ simple sugars”, starches “complex”, and fibers.

Monosaccharides is a single sugar unit; in the category of glucose, fructose, or galactose. These sugars are connected to make up starches and glycogen.

Disaccharides is two units of sugar; these include sucrose, lactose, and maltose.

Polysaccharides are foods that contain starch and fiber ( referred to as complex – carbs).

One job that carbohydrates do is help to regulate the digestive system and utilize absorption of protein and fat. Depending on what “ type” of carbohydrate is ingested, this can have an affect on the level of blood sugar either rise or falls. Foods that are lower on the glycemic index are good source of complex carbohydrates, as well as food that are rich in a ton of fiber and have good nutritional value.

Simple sugars lack nutrients and are just going to be stored for later in your body for energy. The best sources to watch for are fruits, whole-grain, and vegetables. These are all great ways to keep you feeling well throughout the day without a big crash at the end.

Carbohydrates also gives us nutrients that fats and proteins are unable too through complex carbohydrates. Parts of our central nervous system rely exclusively on carbohydrates; meaning nutrition gaps if we do not get the amount we need.

When fitness and carbohydrates meet, it creates a great long lasting relationship if properly cared for and managed. Available carbohydrates is vital for exercise and fitness enthusiast because we need that energy to be provided for muscle glycogen. The time and intensity of the energy demand affects the amount of glycogen used for energy, we need this energy to be able to keep pushing and adapting to the stressors placed on the body. We will not properly repair the tissue we just worked if we do not replenish our carbohydrates after we work out and a few hours before as well.

For fat loss or muscle gain carbohydrates should make up the highest percentage of macronutrients calories. ( If not familiar with macronutrients please as coach for more information). According to the institute of Medicinine the acceptable macronutrient distribution range for carbohydrates intake for an adult is 45 – 65% of total caloric intake.

The fact is, do not cut out your carbohydrates to cut weight. You need to reduce your caloric intake of the total amount of food you are taking in.

Think energy in and energy out, you can’t make up energy, it has to come from somewhere. The same applies with to much energy, if you overeat your body will store it. That’s it main job is to store energy for later use, if you are over consuming calories you will increase the amount you store. Balance is key and that how we need to look at nutrition, fitness, and overall health and wellness!

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