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Hey There

Thank you for coming and checking out BeYou Fitness.  My studio was put together to help people create an amazing and empowering experience with fitness. We are excited to have you here and hope you can experience and train with us firsthand. 

About BeYou Fitness

I have been personal training for 12 years and opened up BeYou Fitness 2019.  I started BeYou fitness to have everyone, from any neck of the woods to experience lifting in a genuine and fun way.


I started this to support people’s mental health and develop a better relationship with themselves and with their bodies. Seeing that their body is beautiful and what our mental game can do for us once we develop it. Just like a muscle our minds need that extra rep to keep molding and developing as we age to help dismantle limiting believes around ourselves.

II want to get you to where you can get out of bed in the morning without aches. I want to help you get that energy back that you had in your 20's. I want you to look at yourself and realize how amazing you are and the things you do.


BeYou Fitness is all about being yourself and enjoying all the wonderful modalities of the weightlifting world while setting personal goals and having fun.


Either you vs. you or semi-private small group class; BeYou Fitness is here for the enjoyment of developing oneself in the gym and outside in that big open world. 

Lift- Laugh - Grow

Coach Chrissy






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